Affordable Home Inspection, Inc.
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About Us


Mr. Kent Wood is the President of Affordable Home Inspection, Inc. He and his wife Linda founded the company in 1983. Prior to his association with Affordable, Mr. Wood enjoyed a very successful 12-year career as a Real Estate Broker. Because Mr. Wood had the foresight to see and understand the importance of property inspections, he established Affordable Home Inspection in order to insure that the positions of the Realtor, Buyer and Seller were protected. At that time there were only two other inspection companies in Orange County.

Affordable has flourished over the past several years and is considered to be the innovator of field gathering information and interpretation with the use of on site computers. Over the past 35 years, Affordable has inspected just about every type of property imagineable. These inspections and evaluations run the gamut from small condominiums and single family homes to ranches, estates, a former President's home, A "Who's Who" of Hollywood & sports celebrities' homes, apartments, planned communities, major hotels, and resort properties. Affordable has had exceptional growth due to its unique innovations, expertise and it's ability to communicate information and data in a non-alarming, non-technical manner.